Sock Spot Lesson Plan 1 – Feel the Sock Beat!

Learn about rhythm and jingle in verse using Sock Spot, Hear the Jingle:




Grades: PreK, K, 1st

Subjects: Language Arts, Music

Time: 30-45 minutes


Purpose of Lesson:
To help strengthen a child’s ability to hear rhyming patterns written in text. Rhythm occurs in all forms of language but it’s specifically important in poetry and verse. It’s fun and engaging and this activity promotes an interest in reading. This is very effective for children who are hands on, active learners.

Sock Spot, by Neil Pierson
Rhythm sticks, shakers, tambourines, or rain sticks

1. Read Sock Spot, by Neil Pierson, aloud to students having them “echo” the refrain in this book.
2. Read it a second time, but this time have the students clap a steady beat. Explain that a “steady beat” is like a heartbeat- it keeps going at an even pace.
3. Ask students to raise their hand if they play musical instruments at home.
4. Pass out musical instruments (optional) guiding children first in keeping a steady beat to the book’s text. Then breaking into parts for the refrain:
“If you spot a single sock, stick it in the sock spot”

Divide the classroom into 2 groups. Have each group use musical instruments to keep a steady beat to the book’s refrain:
“If you spot a single sock, stick it in the sock spot.”

Standards and Benchmarks:
ELA-1-E1 (K, 1)
ELA-1-E3 (K, 1)
ELA-1-E7 (K, 1)
GLE’s: GLE-1-a (PreK)
GLE-1-b (PreK)
GLE-1-h (K)


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