Sock Spot Lesson Plan 2 – Sorting Socks

Learn about pattern recognition, organization, & communication:



Grades: PreK, K

Subjects: Language Arts, Music

Time: 30-45 minutes


Sock Spot, by Neil Pierson
Sock printable (attached)
Crayons, markers, scissors

1. Read the book Socks Spot, by Neil Pierson.
2. Discuss the frustrations of losing socks around the house and not being able to find matches.
3. Have each student color a sock using the attached printable. They should color the sock according to the color written on the printable (red, blue, green, purple, pink, orange and yellow). Make sure each student will end up with a “matching pair” by dispersing the assigned color evenly.
4. Have the students cut their socks out.
5. Allow students to search for their missing sock by finding the student within the matching colored sock.

Using the data collected from the single socks, make a picture graph according to the colors/matching socks. (PK-CM-D2; D-4-E)

Standards and Benchmarks:
ELA-1-E1 (K, 1)
ELA-1-E3 (K, 1)
ELA-1-E7 (K, 1)
GLE’s: GLE-1-a (PreK)
GLE-1-b (PreK)
GLE-1-h (K)