Make Laundry Day a Fun Family Activity

Helping You Address the Age-Old Missing Sock Problem

An Interactive Way to Keep Track of Unpaired Socks

Everyone who has ever done laundry at home has experienced pulling a fresh load from the machine and finding socks without their partners. Even worse, once it turns up you’ve either lost or thrown away the other pair. If you are looking for a unique and fun way to store your socks until you find its wayward pair, look no further than the Sock Spot.

Benefits of Sock Spot

Our product is a fun solution to keeping your single socks in one place until its lost partner turns up. This handy device saves you money while providing kids with an engaging way to learn organizational skills. The Sock Spot is easy to install and features removable suction cups that can stick on most surfaces.

Teaching Cleanliness Through Storytelling

Sock Spot teaches your kids the benefits of being mindful of their things. Through a fun and interactive story, your children will learn the benefits of cleanliness and respecting their personal belongings.

Our Mission

A fun solution to a timeless sock quandary.

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