Our Story

Learn About the History of Our Innovative Laundry Device

Created by Neil W. Pierson, Sock Spot had its origins in his childhood. For his messy family of five, keeping track of socks was nearly impossible. To address this issue, his dad created a device for the laundry room where they could store socks until its mate reappeared. This system was a big help to his family sock situation and became a silly and wonderful part of his childhood, of which he still has fond memories to this day.

A Unique Way to Doing Chores

Sock Spot serves as a great lesson in responsibility, orderliness, and cleanliness. Now that he has children of his own, Neil has integrated the same device into his family’s laundry routine. To make laundry time more fun and interactive, he added a fun story with lovable characters. Whenever a lost sock scenario occurs, his kids excitedly run to the Sock Spot and sing a catchy jingle while he reads from the storybook.

Making Laundry Day an Enjoyable Activity

When using our product, children establish good habits of cleanliness and liven up laundry day with some family fun. Neil is honored that our customers have chosen to bring his beloved family ritual into their homes to share with their families.


Get a Sock Spot Today!

Life is short, and childhood is even shorter. We encourage you to have fun with your Sock Spot and hope that it will bring your family many moments of joy and laughter. Enjoy an innovative way to spice up your dreaded laundry routine for your kids and purchase a Sock Spot of your own.