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Finally a solution to the frustrating household quandary of lost socks.

Sock Spot is going to replace your lost sock aggravation with an original interactive fun ritual for the whole family. Sock Spot teaches your children order and tidiness, while saving you time and money. A family of four loses over 60 pairs of socks a year!!!

Your purchase includes a super cute organizing toy rack with colorful character sock clips and an illustrated storybook. The Sock Spot installs horizontally or vertically on your washer/dryer or anywhere in your laundry room with kid friendly suction cups.

The book tells a whimsical adventure of a boy and his lost sock where you will meet the same cute characters featured on the toy and a jingle that helps kids remember what to do with that single unpaired sock. When you have that single unpaired sock your kids will sing the jingle and run to the Sock Spot. It is a mystery where one sock disappears but always returns in time. Now your whole family will know exactly where the match is when it does reappear. All family Socks meet back at the Sock Spot! One Sock Spot can hold over 30 pairs of socks!

Sock Spot is effective, practical family fun that is guaranteed to save you time, money and conserve your sanity.

Enjoy and thank you.

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Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 3.25 in


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